Maitaining your property

We offer holiday house owners specialised and personal services.

We can tailor a package to our clients which may include any of the following services:

– Organise cleaners.

– Basic garden maintenance, including planting and maintaining veggie patches.

– Grocery delivery and unpacking – we can deliver and put away your items before you arrive. This could include meat and seafood fresh from local suppliers.

– Fruit and veg delivery from fresh local produce.

– Alcohol delivery and unpacking/stocking – specialising in local wineries.

– Organise and meet maintenance people.

– Assessing and organise clean ups after storms.

– Rubbish bins – we can take out/put back in after collection.

– Collect bed linen and towels and launder before re making beds.

– Turn on heating/cooling – this could also include pool heating.

– Pool cleaning and maintenance.

– Collecting mail and junk mail.

– Ordering and stacking firewood.

– Beach box maintenance and cleaning.